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Birthdays are the simplest and yet the most significant celebrations in a person’s life. Unlike other events, a birthday does not celebrate your gains, achievements or relations; it simply commemorates your being. A birthday is the celebration of you. 

Irrespective of how old you must have gotten, birthdays always remain a distinct celebratory occasion in your life. Hence, a day as special as this has to be celebrated in a special manner too. 

The birthday of a friend or family is one of the perfect occasions to tell them how much they mean to you, and how fortunate you believe you are to have that person in your life. Now, there are various ways you can express your love, joy and well wishes towards your cherished ones. Whereas some people go for extravagant measures such as organizing a party, sending sweets, gifts and sending birthday flowers online, the subtler affairstoo finds its takers. 

When having to purchase a birthday gift for a family member or a friend, some people find themselves under too much pressure as to what to choose. After all, unlike weddings, birthdays are an annual event, so you have to think of something new and unique every year. While purchasing a gift, you also have to take the recipient’s preferences into consideration,but if by chance he/she is not someone you know very well, what should you do then?

What are some of the classiest birthday gifts?

Buying a gift, be it birthday flowers onlineor birthday cake delivery, does not have to be such a hassle, if you are aware of the right manner to go about it. 


Believe it or not, chocolates are some of the most widely purchased birthday gifts around the world. Chocolates are not some sweets that you indulge yourself in from time to time. Recognized by terms such as “food of the gods” and the “brain food”, chocolates are full of opulence. Marketed throughout the world in beautiful packaging and flavorful variants, chocolates are items of luxury. 

Their creamy texture, the spellbinding flavors and all that affluence that they exhibit is what makes them appropriate gifts for all casual and corporate events including birthdays. 

Besides, from tiny toddlers to old grandpas, chocolates have numerous fans all across the world. Hence, chocolates are also a versatile gift option. A box of chocolates can solve any issue, even an angry friend whose birthday you had missed out on. 


There is no denying the charm that flowers hold. For centuries now, flowers have been variedly used for gifting purposes and in numerous ethnicities across the world. Their delicate textures, attention-grabbing colors and sweet fragrances all add to the attraction of these natural entities, making them the complete package. Flowers also have a positive aura about them. The mere sight of a beautiful bunch of flowers can get the recipient’s face light up with a smile.

Different flowers symbolize different emotions such as passion, good wishes, friendship, purity, prosperity, devotion, strength and so on. The best thing about flowers is that you can gift it to anyone, be it your father, friend, wife or mother; they are that versatile. 

With advancement in technologies, you no more need to head to distant florist shops to buy a bouquet. Your one-stop shop for all gifting and celebratory occasions, we provide you with a range of birthday flowers online. 

Giving hampers has been a part of the gifting culture for a very long time now. What started as gift baskets offered to people settling on long travels in the past has now taken the form of luxurious and creatively made gift hampers, which many a time also include birthday flowers when orderedonline.  

Gifts given in a bunch are always better than one. Besides, the many items in gift hampers are generally arranged categorically, so you will find hampers made for grooming, snacking and so on. So when you gift people a gift hamper, it signifies warmth.  A gift hamper not only conveys that you wish the person all the best for their lives ahead but also that you have put in some thought while selecting one. 

You can even combine your online birthday cake delivery with gift hampers which not only come with more style and charm but also have a traditional angle to them. 

Personalized gift items

Another unique attraction that we have to thank advancement and technology for are personalized gifts. Personalized or customized gift hampers, including those which comprise of birthday flowers online, are great go-to options in the modern world today. Just like the name suggests, these gift items allow you to add a personal touch to the gift that you are giving. It is exactly this that makes them so special to one and all. 

Remember the time when you dreamt of owning things with your name on it. Well that is possible now, thanks to personalized gifts. Personalized mugs, cushions, diaries, frames are some of the very popular items. Even your online birthday cake delivery can be personalized to delight the recipient.

Personalized gifts come in especially handy when you want to do something outstanding for someone on their birthday but do not have the time for it. Select a good picture of the birthday boy/girl and write a sweet, small birthday gift, that’s all you have to do on your end. The best part is that personalized gifts are pretty affordable too. 


The custom of cake cutting on birthdays is so widespread that saying that birthdays are synonymous to cakes wouldn’t be wrong. Charming presentations of bright colors, rich flavors and soft, spongy textures, cakes are a royalty in themselves. No birthday celebration seems complete without cakes. They come in surprising varieties too. There are truffle, chocolate, vanilla, mango, pineapple and strawberry coffee cakes. Remember, there is nothing such as too much cake, and no dearth of options when you order an online birthday cake delivery. 

Cake cutting was earlier restricted to birthdays alone, but the popularity of the tradition has now made it a part of other celebrations too. We have special themed cakes for online birthday cake delivery. 

Why shop with BookMyBloom?

It is our firm belief that whatever your age and whichever place you may be, you deserve to have a birthday that is full of love and memories. So to make this possible for all, we bring you an array of birthday cakes and gifts alongside putting in extra efforts in arranging and delivering these products to the location mentioned. Right from cakes, chocolates, cakes and flower bouquet combos to exotic gift hampers, we house a wide-ranging selection. 
We have an expansive collection of rich chocolates from some of the biggest brands, suiting all kinds of budget. You can also go through our assortment of cakes in different flavors and book an online birthday cake deliverywith us. Our cakes are made using top quality ingredients, and we even have the option to make special midnight online birthday cake delivery. 

You can find a range of creatively arranged birthday flowers online at BookMyBloom,in bunches, bouquets, baskets and what not. For us, it is not only about offering you various species of flowers, but to ensure that you get them fresh and ensured.  

We also offer online birthday flowers in combination with cakes and chocolates to make gifting more special and exciting for you. Check out our unique range of personalized birthday gift items for all your near and dear ones. 
Our dedicated services are available in cities like Faridabad, Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Bangalore and Mumbai, so if you have a friend or family living there, order an online birthday cake delivery and let them know that you care. 


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