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Packing in elegance, sweetness and happiness inside them, the baked slices of heaven that are cakes, are what we call a complete package. You can drool over them, miss them, eat them, gift them and even send a cake online. Such is the charm of cakes.

And to help you discover all their beauty, we bring to you our own selection of top quality, flavorsome cakes.

Why cakes?

A treat to the senses

If you are someone in love with cakes, you know that cakes are show-stealers. With online cake delivery available these days, it gets even better. Just one look and you are hooked to the perfection before your eyes. And once they have been sliced and placed, there begins a whole new story. A fluffy piece of flavorful cake melting in the mouth is what heaven feels like.

Cakes are customary

Cake cutting is a much practiced custom in several parts of the world. In fact, cakes are so common a scene during birthdays that the thought of not having one is just too depressing. In instances where you forget, you can simply order and send a cake online with our online cake delivery service.

With the passage of time, this rich delicacy has transcended the boundary of birthdays, and it now registers its presence on many other occasions too.

You can find a rich variety out there

Unlike other common sweets, cakes come in wide-ranging varieties. That means that you would be spoilt for choice the next time you send a cake online. In fact such is the variety that you can find options not with respect to just flavors and price but also occasion and preparation. Besides these, you can also select cakes based on designs and proportions for online cake delivery.

To add charm to your special events you can also go with cakes created around specific themes.

Pretty affordable

Cakes are not some regular sweetmeat. They are happiness. Faces light up at the sight of them and the good thing is, this version of joy is very much affordable. You can easily choose a mouth-watering flavor and send a cake online without stepping out of your budget. And with a far-reaching online cake delivery service to many different locations in India, surprising your loved ones with cakes is not an issue either.

Everyone loves cakes

There is hardly an individual who does not like indulging in rich, creamy, delicious cakes. Don’t believe it? Send a cake online and see! While kids go gaga over these tasty treats, not even the elderly can stop themselves from grabbing a piece. People, no matter what their age, gender or ethnicity adore this heavenly fare. Whatever may come and go, there is no replacement for cakes, just like there is no greater convenience than online cake delivery.

A little insight into the origin of cakes

Unlike what you might have thought, cakes did not first originate in a charming little English Kitchen oven. In fact, the history of cakes and the story of their origin go way back. It is believed that the word “cake” comes from kaka, an Old Norse derivation.

However, records suggest that it were the Egyptians who first discovered the art of baking, and are even credited for using yeast in the process. Cakes were also popular with the Greeks who consumed them in various forms, satura and plakous being a few. Plakous was a standard preparation of a flat and heavy cake, whereas satura was a richer variant made by mixing flour, milk, honey and nuts.

The flourishing civilization of ancient Rome was not unfamiliar to cakes either. Romans made and consumed pastry cakes called as Placenta. The Cake in Box made its entry into the world, way later during the Great Depression in Europe.

So, contrary to what one might expect, the developed form of this existing baked fare came into the picture during the greatest economic crises the world has seen so far. The reasons behind its invention were no less surprising either. It was the availability of molasses in abundance and the need for a cheap and easy to make food that gave birth to cake.

This wonderful concoction gradually received enough fanfare and bakers began looking for newer ways to present in. Eventually techniques such as “frosting” and “decorating” were developed which went on make cakes the celebrated items that we recognize them as. Things have gotten even better now as with the emergence of online cake delivery that lets you send a cake online quite easily and conveniently.

The association of cakes with celebrations

The fact that cakes are synonymous to celebration is known and acknowledged throughout the world. If you are wondering what helped distinguish cakes from the rest of the confectionary clan and entitle them with preeminence, here are a few things you must know.

Among the baked goods, cakes bore a rich distinction from their close cousins, breads. This not only made them people’s favorite but also the priciest items on the list, initially. The high-class and the affluent were the only ones who could afford it then. Bakeries in Germany would retail cakes for birthdays to their special clients back in the 15th century.

Almost two centuries later, around the 17th century, came the multi-layered cakes with attractive icing and edible decorations. And as fresher forms of cakes entered the market, the standard cakes became cheaper and more accessible to the middle-class populace. 

The association of cakes with birthdays took place in Ancient Egypt, where the citizens would celebrate the coronation of pharaohs with cakes. It was a popular belief among the folks that the pharaohs held godly status, and coronation signified the birth of the ruler in a more superior form.

Cakes adorned with candles were something that the ancient Greeks would offer in the temple of Artemis, their moon goddess. Something similar was also arranged by the Germans on occasion of “Kinderfest”, sometimes also referred to as the German Children’s Day.

Numerous cultures and countries, right from Sweden, Russia, China, and Europe to America and also India observe celebrations that involve cakes in one way or the other.

Occasions you can complete with a cake

Although you need no reason at all to grab a heavenly mouthful or even send a cake online, there are certain occasions when not having one can make affairs very dull and dismal. Among these are: -

Special events

Birthdays – What better way is there to celebrate someone’s special day than cutting a cake? Having cakes on birthdays is so commonplace, that everyone naturally expects one during their birthdays. If you are pressed for time, then make use of our online cake delivery service to save effort on your part.

Wedding Anniversaries – Celebrating wedding anniversaries with cakes is no longer a foreign idea, and the convenience to send a cake online through online cake delivery underlines that fact. Couples all across the world observe this ritual while celebrating their union and love.

Mother’s day – Although it is not easy to express gratitude for a mother’s love and dedication, you can make a fair attempt by sending cake online to your lovely mother.

Father’s day – Even your old man needs being told how much he means to you, and if you feel you cannot translate all those emotions in words, why not express all that through the cake you send online.

Children’s Day – Children are mad about cakes and while they can have them at all times, an event like this is when they most deserve them. Breeze through our variety of cakes to make the most apt selection for online cake delivery on such occasions.

Valentine’s Day – Cakes can also assist you in winning the heart of your lady love or man, all over again. You can find a whole range of Valentine’s Day cakes at our online store with the added convenience to send cake online.

Casual events

Well, special events are the not only ones when you can get an online cake delivery for your friend or family. There are various casual occasions when you can send a cake online to help you seal the deal, such as –

  • Wishing all the best to someone
  • Congratulating someone
  • Apologizing for something wrong you have done
  • Appeasing the angry Missus

Send cake online with BookMyBloom

Everyone deserves to feel special and partake in celebrations. It is our belief that the happy moments are what make life more interesting and motivate us to live and do better. Hence, to spread more happiness and joy around while encouraging the custom of celebration, we at BookMyBloom offer peerless online cake delivery when you buy and send a cake online.

As an online one-stop shop for cakes, gifts, flowers and related celebratory items, we house an expansive range of products, including cakes, for you to choose from.

 We bring to you freshly baked, top quality cakes that both look and taste delectable. Send cakes online to your near and dear ones in cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and many other locations, with our online cake delivery service. We bring to you all kinds of cakes, right from chocolate, vanilla, truffle, blue berry to black forest when you plan to send a cake online. We also provide cakes for various occasions ranging from birthday to Father’s Day. Our cakes for online cake delivery are available in various price ranges so that everyone can find something as per their budget.

When you send a cake online, ouronline cake delivery ensures that it reaches the recipient in top condition, by packing it with utmost care. We not only make well-timed deliveries possible, but also make special midnight deliveries for our customers on occasions where you need to send a cake online.

Whatever the occasion, rest assured as we at BookMyBloomhave your back!

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